Friday, January 27, 2012


Grandpa had physical therapy today. He said it was doing him so much good he thinks he is ready to do the treadmill here at home. :) Wow! Isn't that great? In the Facebook world we would just hit "LIKE," eh? I was really happy to hear his hip is doing that much better.

I did some clothes shopping for the kids this morning and then watched my friend's little girl for a few hours. The kids should have had fun playing together but they are all at the stage where they don't want to share very well and if one person has an interesting toy then that's the toy they all want. So, frankly, they were making Mom crazy for awhile.

When Julie came home we worked a little bit on college stuff--mostly scholarship planning. We are in crunch mode right now because there are some pretty fast deadlines coming up that she needs to meet. It's kind of a wild and woolly process and it's not for pansies.

Tonight Rob and Julie went to play volleyball. We got the kids down before they left and then one of my friend's came over and she and I watched a movie together. Then I stayed up to work on my Sunday School Lesson. So, it's really been kind of a slow day--or maybe a just right day--eh, Goldilocks? Lol! Night all.

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