Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Carly had pre-school this morning and when I went to pick her up her teacher told me there were two little boys there that REALLY liked her! I think that is so cute! She is having a lot of fun and is always so excited to go she wakes up early on those days.

Jono was pretty tame today, for a two year old boy that is. Lol! It helped that Rob actually got his day off today. Yesterday, he went to take his day off and decided to check in to make sure things were ok first and found there was an emergency they needed him for. Poor guy! So, hopefully he will be able to take tomorrow off also. I'm crossing my fingers!

Rob and I got quite a few things done around the house today and then we got sandwiches and watched a movie with Rob's brother and his girlfriend tonight.

Julie and I are volunteering with the campaign of a candidate for US Senate in our state. Today we made phone calls inviting people to some of his caucus meetings. His name is Dan Liljenquist. He was one of our state senators until very recently when he resigned to run for the US Senate seat currently held by Orrin Hatch. Dan was a really effective senator who among other things successfully reformed Utah's pension system to take the risk off the backs of the Utah taxpayer. He was named the national legislator of the year by Governing magazine. Everything he accomplished he did as a freshman senator. http://www.governing.com/poy/dan-liljenquist.html. If you are from Utah and want to know more about him you can find out more at www.danforutah.com

Sorry for that little commercial but we are really excited about this race! Whatever your politics, hope you are getting involved. Our country needs it!

Well, better get myself some sleep. Never know what my cuties will do with tomorrow. I may need the energy! :)

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