Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Rob got to be off again today and he was able to get a ton done around the house. I even let him sleep in a little. He is such a great husband. I am so blessed to have him. Poor guy worked the whole time he was home doing our "fix-it list and now he has to go back to work tomorrow. I promised him that Saturday would be list free.

Grandpa went to PT today and wore himself out terribly. I hope he can get out of bed tomorrow. :/ I am only half kidding. He tends to do almost twice what they ask of him and then he comes home so tired he can't move. Let's all just pray that what he's doing is helping more than it's hurting, O.K.?

Grandma is doing good. She has just been more tired than normal since the surgery. Other than that she seems pretty good. I think she just needs more recovery time.

Carly has school again in the morning and she is SO excited. She barely sleeps when she knows she has school the next day. They are learning the letter "Q" this week.

Well, nothing going on around here unless you want to know that Jono is faster than a speeding locomotive! Well, he's at least faster than his mom on most occasions. Sad, but true! Hey, maybe he'll be an Olympic runner! See there is a sliver lining in every cloud. Lol! :)

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