Saturday, March 2, 2013


 Wow! We got another FUN and COLORFUL package in the mail today from our favorite artist and friend, Mrs. Leer! Oh my goodness (in my best "Shirley Temple" voice) some things are so priceless you just have to FRAME them! This is the cutest note and the cutest box of -- check it out--NO--LOOK CLOSER, it's not Crayons, it's BAND-AIDS (or bandages, as I'm sure "band-aids" are probably trademarked) but I digress! Aren't these AWESOME??

And seriously, I mean maybe later in life my kids will whine about not having the right skin colored bandages but if I had boxes of skin color bandages right now vs these cool Crayola bandages lined up on a table and told them they could choose whichever ones they wanted, my little ones would pick the Crayola ones every time. So, I'm gonna stop griping (at least about this!) Lol! Thanks for the perspective -  and the FUN, FUN bandages, Joyce! You bring so much love and color into our world! The kids absolutely LOVE them!

Don't worry, though, we won't have to ACTUALLY have BOO-BOO's to try them out. Oh no, we have pretend boo-boo's all the time--you know the kind that hurt really bad but Mommy can't actually see? "But Mom, it really, really hurts, I just have to have a Spiderman bandage on it. Puh-leasse?" Yah, pretty sure I will have an 8, 16, 32 or 64 color bandage kid unless I keep these under lock and key! Lol! Although, if it happens I will be sure to snap a photo! Oh, you know I will!

Thanks for being so full of love, color and whimsy! You have been filling my world with it since I was a little girl and it is so wonderful to me that my kids are getting to share in a part of that now. You and all your artistry are some of the sweetest memories of my childhood and if they only get a small taste of what you brought to my world, their memories will be sweet indeed.

                                           Thank you. WE LOVE YOU!

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