Friday, March 15, 2013


Today was another beautiful day--not quite as warm but just as lovely. Mom and Dad even got out and went for a drive. Well, more than a drive. Mom even got Dad to do a little shopping with her and then they went to IHOP for dinner. I am so glad they were able to get out, especially on a day this nice. It really just cheers up your soul!

The kids played over at a friend's house this morning and then came home and took a nap for a couple of hours. When they got up they were ready to head right back out to the swing set. They have really missed being in the sunshine. They were having such fun I talked Rob into all of us going on a walk together. Well, Rob and I took the dogs and the kids rode their bikes. They had a really good time. We took them far enough that they were worn out when we came home--the dogs too. Although, they were quick to ask if we could do it again tomorrow. (The kids, not the dogs.) Lol!

I'm really hoping we are done with the snow this year. As much as I love the change of seasons; I am ready for it to be Spring! My tulips and daffodils are about an inch high and I can't wait for them to be completely sprung!

Here are a couple of pictures. One I took two nights ago. It shows the last (hopefully) vestiges of our long Winter. These were the last two patches of snow in our yard. They were here things really warmed up yesterday. We officially have NO MORE SNOW in our yard now! We had snow packed so high and hard I thought it might never melt! I had run out of places to throw it!

Finally, the snow is almost gone!

The next picture is of our bike ride tonight. We stopped for a couple of minutes to rest and I grabbed a quick shot of the dogs and the kids. Trying to get kids and animals to cooperate for a photo--yah, not so much! Hahaha! Anyway, it was a pretty great day! Hope you had one, too!

Jono and Tashie, Carly with Sadie

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