Thursday, March 7, 2013


Do you ever have the cooking blahs? You look in your refrigerator or pantry and see what's there but just can't come up with anything that sounds palatable? I go through that process several times some day's before I come up with an idea for dinner. Whether nothing looks good to me or nothing comes to mind it all seems the same in the end - I just call it the "cooking blahs." Sometimes my answer to it is to order out or go out for dinner but that really isn't practical most of the time--so Mom and I usually brainstorm with each other and come up with an idea that works.

However, I found a really cool site tonight that I am very excited about. I've been looking for a website like this for a long time and I'd just about given up on one existing. I've only played with it a little but so far I love it! It is called My Fridge Food. You tell it what food you have in your fridge and it suggests recipes to you that will work with the food you have on hand. Someone has put a ton of effort and energy into this site--and I am SO grateful for it! What a lifesaver! Be sure you go and check it out--you're gonna LOVE it, too! So, without further ado here's the

Have at it and enjoy! :)

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