Monday, March 11, 2013


I thought I would try something new and different today. I've never dried anything before--that is besides my hair, my laundry, my car . . . well, you get my point. I am, of course, referring to fruit and the like. I guess, dehydrated is probably a better word. With my new friend, Pinterest, I got brave and thought I would try to dehydrate some strawberries. I didn't take the word of one pinner that it was simple, no way~I checked out several! I really read up on this idea and I was ready to try it. Drying strawberries sounded yummy with a capital "Y". Let me do that again~Yummy!

So, I followed the directions to the letter. I sliced them thin, laid them on parchment paper, set the oven on low and left them for eight or nine hours. I checked them several times in between and finally after about nine hours they were dry alright BUT they were mostly stuck to the parchment paper! Gah! How frustrating! I did manage to peel a good number of them off but I had to soak the back side of some of the parchment paper in water to get the rest off. Those ones I had to lay out overnight to re-dry. What a pain!

The good news is they do actually taste good~ tart, but tasty! They are tiny and you don't end up with a whole lot for the effort because they shrink. Next time (if I do it again) I would slice them thicker even though it would probably mean drying longer. Plus, Rob found our dehydrator in storage so I won't have to go the oven route again. (I baked them at 135 degrees in the oven in case you were wondering.)

Tomorrow I am going to try apples in our dehydrator. Hopefully that will be a bit more successful! I will let you know! Anywhoo, it was fun trying something new. I saw someone make sweet potato chips this way too. Maybe I will have to try that one also. I will get back to you on that one.

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