Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today has been a sad day. I received a call first thing this morning that my dear friend passed away during the night. Even though I knew it was coming and I knew he was ready to go--it is still hard to know he is  no longer here. I am amazed at his wife's strength. Of course, I have always been amazed by her. That's probably why she and I have been so close all these years. I know this is a tremendous loss for her. She and her husband were best friends. They started dating in high school and had been together ever since. They love each other so much and I am sad they have to be apart for a time but I know they will be together again some day. It's never a good day when the world loses a good man--and today was one of those days. God bless you Dick. Thank you for all you did to bless my life. I will see you again some day. I love you

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