Thursday, March 14, 2013


So, I found out more today about the funny video I posted last night. I noticed some of the comments that followed it said the salesman was a bad actor or they thought the whole thing was an act. Today I watched a news report about it. They said that since Wednesday when it was first posted the video had been watched 7 million times. Everyone EXCEPT the salesman was in on the gag--the car dealership and all of Jeff Gordon's people, of course--but NOT the salesman! I think that makes it all the funnier. Poor guy! What a ride though. I don't know how Jeff Gordon kept a straight face and was able to just keep going with the sales guy yelling at him and telling him to stop. I probably would have been a little intimidated by that--but I guess that's why I'm not driving stock cars!

We have had FABULOUS weather here the last several days. it has gotten into the 70's. I've been keeping the kids inside because the backyard has been a muddy mess--until the last few days when it got so dry and nice. Yesterday, I took them to a park with some friends and today I had to break down and clean up the back yard. By clean up, I mean remove the landmines. We have two large dogs and once we started measuring the snow in feet it got difficult to clean up the yard. Actually, it got difficult to even get into the backyard. The snow was just overwhelming. So, after all the layers of snow melting I had a 2.5 hour job. It was worth it though. While I was cleaning up the kids were swinging on the swings and laughing and playing. I love their happy giggles. They are so full of life and they were so happy to be outside in the warm sunshine. It's been a long, cold winter and since Jono can't do play-lands because of the germs they have been cooped up worse than most of their friends. It looks like the weather is supposed to hold for the next week or so, and I know some little kids who are going to be pretty happy about the sunshine--and so is their Mamma!

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