Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We had a busy day today. I had an appointment about an hour away this morning, so I took the kids and they stayed with aunt Susan while I went to my appointment. Then we went to lunch with Julie really fast because she only had 50 minutes between classes. We also had a couple of other stops to make on the way home so we hurried and  got those done. 

Rob had been in Elko overnight and headed home first thing this morning only to get called back. Luckily he'd only made it about thirty miles away. He did beat us home by about an hour but he wasn't feeling good at all. Jono really wasn't feeling all that good either. He's been complaining about his stomach and throat hurting the last few days. I hate the winter gamboo! I'm just hoping no one else gets it.

I caught a cute shot of my sick boys while they were waiting for me to get dinner fixed. Poor guys just really didn't feel good at all. Sure love these two!

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