Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Grandpa has been playing basketball with Jonathon and Carly. Tonight I walked in to talk to him for a minute and he asked me if he'd worn them out. Man, I wish. Now, when I say playing basketball they aren't running down the floor hooking lay-ups or anything like that, I guess one of Dad's therapists taught him how to bounce and pass the ball to someone in order to keep him arms limber and the kids help him with that. They call it playing basketball with Grandpa and they think they are really good at it! I think Grandpa lets them think that, too. Lol.

Well, I got a late start on the apples today. They are in the dehydrator as I write this but, they are SO much easier than the strawberries. Although, my final verdict will have to wait until tomorrow since I haven't been able to taste test them yet. I have decided to give the strawberries a "thumbs down" at least for me. Once they are dried the seeds become a whole lot more pronounced when you eat them. They stick in your teeth much more noticeably. In fact, the whole dried strawberry sticks to your teeth. They may taste good, but they are definitely not my favorite dried fruit. I don't think I will be drying those again. I am glad I tried it though. It sounded way to interesting not to at least try it.

Tonight I ended up with my watching my niece and nephew while their Dad worked. The kids were very happy to have some playmates even though their cousins are older than they are. It made for a noisy house but they had fun and I guess in the end it was worth it.

Well, guess I'd better go check on the dehydrating process. I will give you an update tomorrow. Night all.

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