Monday, March 25, 2013


My little boy can sometimes be such a handful because, of course, he's a boy--and that's his job--but there are moments--more of them than not when he is Prince Charming in nearly every way. He was Prince Charming on our drive today--and he, well, he charmed me. We were driving along and he started singing. He likes to make up songs and sing. He has been doing that for awhile now. Today he started singing over and over "I love my daddy, I love my mama, I love my family and my sisters.I love my grandma and grandpa. " Each one had it's own verse and seemed to go on for awhile but if you are the subject of a love song it doesn't get too monotonous even when it is monotonous. Lol! There really isn't anything like the joy that comes from knowing your child truly loves you and from loving them unconditionally. I am so blessed to be a mom and pray everyday I will be up to the challenge and opportunities the Lord has given me.

We spent part of our evening with Julie and the kids at the hotel and the other part at the viewing for our friend, Dick. Julie took the kids swimming while we went to the viewing and spent time with the family. We are really grateful she would do that for us. Tomorrow, my sister Susan is going to watch the kids during the funeral since Julie will be in class. Dick was a fireman and is having a fireman's funeral--with full honors. He had an honor guard at his casket tonight. There were two guards there in full dress uniform. They don't move at all and are so professional. It is really a sight to see. There were lots of people at the viewing but I suspect there will be more at the funeral, even though, I think he has outlived many of his classmates and friends. He was the class president of his high school. I used to be his ghost writer for all of his class reunion speeches and conducting notes. He was such a neat guy--so good to his family and friends--and such a blessing to the community.

We are back at the hotel now. The little kids are asleep, Rob and I are on our computers and Julie is studying. It is nice to have her here with us. No matter where you are it always feels more like home when you have your kids with you.

Well, better get some sleep so I can get up early tomorrow. Night all.

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