Sunday, March 3, 2013


It was my day to teach Sunday School today and I am generally one of those whose lessons don't really come together until the last minute no matter when I start preparing. So, Rob is good to help me get the kids started on these Sunday mornings so I can pull things together and kind of collect my thoughts. Well, things just didn't work like that today. We got a call not long after we woke up and got the kids up from his brother who was on the side of the road about an hour away with car major trouble. So, we decided to divide and conquer. Rob took Jono with him and I took Carly with me and somehow we made it work. As things ended up, Rob still picked his brother up and made it to church before the first meeting was over. That helped a lot. I even think my lesson went pretty well. I had several people come up to me after and tell me they learned a lot. That always makes me feel good because I am not a natural teacher and I stress out a ton over preparing and teaching.

It's probably a good thing I ran most of my errands this weekend because I loaned my brother-in-law my car for a few days. If you hear any screaming it will be a mom whose been house-bound with her kids for too long! Lol! (Just kidding!)

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