Monday, March 4, 2013


Even before I was fully awake today I said a prayer in my heart, "Help me be a good mom today." I really wanted to just spend time with my kids, play with them, teach them, get down on their level and have fun with them. I wanted the television to be OFF and our connection to be ON.

So, first thing I got them up, got them something to eat and their "choc"wate" milk and started reading them fairy tales. We made it through exactly 2 before they were done--Snow White and the Three Little Pigs. Hmmm. I was hoping they would enjoy that more. But oh well. Not to be discouraged, I said "Let's play some games. So, we played "Ring around the rosies" which took all of about five minutes and then freeze tag which was their idea (and which they don't really get at all) -- another five minutes. Then I suggested hide and seek. It was going really well as long as they were the ones hiding. They are noisy and easy to find. But then, they wanted me to hide. So, I did.

Now, keep in mind--we made a rule before we started that we would only use the upstairs--so I hid upstairs, in their bathroom in the shower behind the curtain. I am very quiet when I hide. They looked. And looked. And looked. For under 5 minutes--and couldn't find me. Now, they didn't look really hard. They would run in a room and out. They looked upstairs and downstairs and were yelling "Mommy where are you?" When they couldn't find me they both suddenly burst into huge sobs, tears and almost uncontrollable crying. I couldn't get out of the shower fast enough.

Criminy. I knew then I wasn't up to this challenge and I would have to call in reinforcements. It only took me a half hour but I did get the help I needed. I was finally able to locate a four year old neighbor who knew exactly what to do and how to do it. She agreed to come in, assess the needs and spend some quality time with my kids. It didn't cost much either--just lunch and a glass of chocolate milk. Thank goodness for the cavalry!

P.S. I've already set a play date with a 3 and 6 year old tomorrow (at their house - genius, eh?) I am not taking any chances on another morning like this one! Lol!

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