Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Jono was a bit of a handful today. Grandma and I decided to go and do some shopping and we took the kids with us. Carly did great but Jono needed constant threatening reminding. :) It was one step forward and two steps back the whole trip, or so it seemed. Grandma and I cut our trip short by two stores and headed home vowing to Internet shop, beaten by a three year old. OK, OK--it wasn't totally the three year old, we were pretty tired anyway. I'm pretty sure he gave it everything he had though.

Just before dinner, Rob started Jono's breathing treatment. It usually takes 15 or 20 minutes to complete. I was in the kitchen finishing dinner and realized the machine had been going for quite awhile so I went over to look at it to see if all the medicine had dissipated. I couldn't believe my eyes--my cute boy had worn himself completely out! He was sound asleep but still sitting up holding his nebulizer. Hahaha! He's so darn cute! I just had to get a couple pictures! I guess it's hard work exhausting your mom and grandma! Lol!

He didn't even wake up when I turned the machine off. It took about ten minutes more for him to wake up. So funny! What a little character!

My worn out little guy

Why, yes, he did dress himself. However did you guess?

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