Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I just went in to put Carly to bed, a nightly ritual that includes tucking her in and turning on her music and sound machine only to find her all grown up ~ sort of. When I walked in thinking I would find my four year old baby girl ready to be sweetly put to bed I was instead met by a young lady who had already tucked herself in, turned her music and sound machine on and who in a determined voice told me "I can do it myself Mom!" I was a little taken aback because just before she went downstairs she mentioned she wanted me to swing her around before I put her in bed like I'd been doing--so I truly expected my four year old. Silly me. Somehow, she'd grown up a little going down those stairs! Lol!

I soldiered on and decided to just put her to bed like normal if she would let me. I said, "Well, what if Mommy isn't ready to let you do it yourself? She said, "I want to put myself to bed all by myself like Julie does. I'm a big girl." "Yes, you are", I said. "But Julie was quite a bit bigger than you when she started putting herself to bed so I'm going to just keep helping for awhile." She gave in at that point and let me tuck her in and kiss her goodnight.

I turned out the light and went to tell my Mom and Dad what had just happened. I couldn't believe how precocious she was becoming. Anyway, we had a good laugh and I walked out of their door and heard Carly crying in her room so I walked in her room and asked what was wrong? She only said one word. "Wanky!" That's what she calls the blanky she's had since her first few months of life and hasn't been willing to part with yet and will not sleep without. Lol! I said, "Carly, I'm pretty sure Julie doesn't sleep with a wanky--and I know for sure she isn't crying about it." All she said was, "I WANT IT!" Hahaha! So of course, I let her be four and got it for her. Hee, hee, hee!

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