Sunday, January 20, 2013


In less than a month my baby girl is going to turn five. I can hardly believe that five years have slipped by so quickly. It really does almost seem like yesterday I was holding her for the first time. She is so excited to turn five she has a new idea nearly every day for her year five gala. She wants me to throw a surprise party for her. In fact, she wants a surprise party so much she tried to make me promise I would do it. I am planning on it but I cleverly avoided promising by telling her if I promised to throw a surprise party for her it would no longer be a surprise! That confused her at first but I finally got her to stop bugging me about it. ;)

Seriously though, her new ideas turn into a new list of to-do's for me--my first instructions were a long list of friends I needed to invite to the party. On Friday she asked me to get a pinata for her party. Tonight as I was going to bed, she told me she would really like to have her party at Chuck E. Cheese's. Can't wait for tomorrow's new and exciting ideas and instructions.

I just keep giving her the "We'll have to see" answer on everything. The "I'll put it on the list" answer stopped working really well when she asked to see the list and then wanted me to read the list back to her. I would have been fine had she not asked me to read the list back to her! I mean, I could have pulled it off-she still thinks scribbled lines are words! I couldn''t begin to remember every toy on every commercial she'd ever told me she wanted. It worked really well for awhile but I got nailed.

At least I learned my lesson. I'm doing the same thing with Jono now but I'm going to memorize five or six of the things he tells me to put on the list so I won't get in trouble when he finally corners me! Lol!

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