Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wow, was the weather person ever off base here! We did not get light snow, we got a quarter of an inch of ice today. What a surprise! It has literally stopped traffic! We've had over 200 accidents reported so far and even got a robo-call from the city police tonight asking us to stay in our homes and off the roads for safety sake. That brought back memories of the late '70's ice storm in Indiana. It's not nearly as bad but it made me think of it when the police called.

I had to cancel a doctor appointment today because there was no sense being out needlessly on the roads when they were so terrible. Ice and fog are two of my least favorite things to drive on and in. It is still below freezing so I am not certain what tomorrow will bring ~ and I definitely am not counting on the weather people to tell us this time. I guess we will just watch and see. Luckily Rob is off tomorrow so none of us need to leave the house! Yay for that blessing!

Take care everyone and be safe!

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