Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We are in for another storm tonight. At least that is what the weather people say. They tell us we are getting 1-3 inches. I like snow. I can't even say I'm tired of it yet. I actually hope it warms up enough to snow because I'm pretty sure it's too darn cold to snow right now. I do wish it wasn't so slick to walk and drive on and that it wasn't so hard to move off driveways and sidewalks. Other than that, I think it's awfully pretty to look at and fun to play in.

I've always loved having a change of seasons though. I'd get pretty bored if it were the same weather all the time. Although, if I had to pick one season to stay in it would be Spring. I love the re-birth of everything~leaves on trees, blades of grass coming up again, flowers blooming in a rainbow of colors! I love that it is warm, not blazingly hot. I even love the occasional rain storms. I don't usually get caught up talking about the weather but I actually am grateful for the change of seasons.

Today I let the kids have a playdate with a new friend named Mitaya. She came over for a few hours and had lunch with them. They had a terrific time. Mitaya was terrified of dogs and I didn't know that until she met them. The dogs got to have a nice long nap in my room while she was here which I don't think they minded much. They do like their afternoon naps!

Tonight I went to a jewelry party as a favor to a friend. I am not much for "sales" parties and if you know me very well you know I am not much for jewelry. It's not that I don't wear jewelry. I am not one to spend much on jewelry. My philosophy is why spend good money on the real stuff when the fake stuff usually looks just like the real stuff--at least for the most part. Anyway, I went to be a warm body and a good sport.

I actually had a friend years ago whose husband was a jewelry salesman and she used to bring several of us pieces of jewelry. She told us the mark up on jewelry is ridiculous~that they make SO MUCH MONEY on it. Now whether that is still true or not, I don't know. I just know that no one ever makes very much on me. If they do on you~more power to you!

Have a terrific Thursday! Hope you are enjoying your weather~whatever it is! ;)

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