Friday, January 18, 2013


Sorry it's been a couple days. Rob was gone for a few days and that meant I was wrestling mugwumps by myself which is never an easy job! Well, I say by myself but Grandma and Grandpa helped, too. It still wasn't easy for any of us! For some reason, they respond best to good old Dad's voice. (Pretty sure I was the same as a kid, too so I can't really fault them all that much!)

Today was a catch-up day. We caught up on sleep, got a few things done around the house that have needed done and then went out got hair mine, Rob's and Jono's hair cut.

We had a massive warm-up today. The temperature doubled. It went from 9 degrees yesterday to 18 today. Lol! We're having a heatwave! Bring your suntan lotion and C'mon over! Hahaha! Night all!

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