Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well, our bird was gone this morning so she apparently was warm enough to fly. The kids were pretty sad to have lost their new pet but I'm pretty sure I convinced them it was a good thing she was able to be gone compared to the alternative of freezing to death. Although, I didn't put it to them quite that starkly.

I ended up taking the kids to church by myself yesterday because Rob got called out at the last minute. That was quite the experience. Jonathon isn't used to a three hour block of church meetings since he hasn't gone with us regularly in the past because of his health. This is the first time we are trying to take him in more than a year. He's three now--and people often remind me that "if you think two was bad wait till he turns three."  Well, it's true! It's worse!
And of course, I had to teach this week so I couldn't keep much of an eye on him in his Sunday School class. When checked in after I finished teaching the comment I kept getting from his teachers and leaders when I asked if he was being good was "Wow, he is really fast!" Oh great, he's been practicing his track moves on them--in Sunday school! (My little boy is the reason I can still run fast in my fifties--and yes, I can still catch him!) 

The great thing is they have candy-bribery system figured out that works fairly well with the toddler classes so I think they may figure out a way to hang on to him without having to run after him first to do it. There's that and the fact that his dad and I are usually there to check up more closely on him. I only teach every three weeks and Rob is only on call once a month so he's going to have to behave MOST of the time--OR ELSE! You know--that big scary "OR ELSE" that none of us ever wanted to know about. Lol!

Well, hopefully, we can slow this little guy down and even get him to stay in his class the next time he goes! Wish us all luck. We will probably need it! :)

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