Saturday, January 5, 2013


We spent the day saying goodbye to Christmas 2012. Yes, it's true, some of us still had our Christmas tree and decorations up this late. Jonathon teared up and pouted when we took the train down. I guess he thought it was going to be a permanent fixture. No wonder he's been confused when he has asks for train candy and I keep telling him it all got put in the stockings on Christmas Eve. I guess he thinks it should have been refilled by now. Duh, Mom! Lol!

Our other big project has been to frame and put pictures on our walls. We have had a few things up on the walls but most of the pictures we've had taken over the years have either sat in boxes or in frames and never made it to the walls. So, Rob and I have been busy working on that the last couple of weeks and we are really making some headway. It is starting to look really nice around here.

The weather has turned bitter cold. We haven't wanted to wander outside much at all--only for absolute necessities. We still have snow on the ground from about a week ago and it's not going anywhere anytime soon with this cold snap hanging around.

We actually get to officially take Jonathon to church tomorrow. He won't be in the nursery class where they are playing with germs, oops, I mean toys--and so we and his doctors feel he might have a better chance of staying healthy. He is finally in an old enough class that they just sit in chairs and listen to the teacher. Yay! I guess they also sit in a group and sing songs, too. But either way, they are not passing around germy toys! Say a prayer for us that this works will you--we've been going to church in shifts for way too long! Hopefully, this will be one of the Happy New Year gifts to ourselves--that we can attend church together on Sunday. So, Happy New Year to us--and Happy New Year to You, too! :)

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