Tuesday, January 22, 2013


You know, the time when your child is about to hit one of those "milestone" ages and you start hearing that magical little song in your head "Turn around and she's two, turn around an she's four, Turn around and she's a young girl going out of the door." It must be that time because it's happening to me ALL THE TIME now!

Carly is seriously about to turn 5 and I can hardly wrap my mind around it! She is just nine months old in the photos below. I just found these and don't know if I'd ever seen them before or not, but I LOVE them! My friend Lori took them after Carly's sealing. I think they are so precious and I am so grateful to have them! (Thank you Lori!)

If you can't tell, I am the HAPPIEST MOMMA IN THE WORLD HERE! I am truly, truly blessed and grateful to have all my kids and my wonderful husband! I waited a very long time for all of them and they are such blessings to me! Still~my babies are growing up much too fast! I love you Carly!

Carly and Mamma~such a happy day!

Mamma kisses for her baby girl

Loving and Kissing

Carly and Momma ~deep in thought

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