Saturday, January 26, 2013


So Rob and I have been having a little visitor in our bedroom in the middle of the night for several nights over the past couple weeks. Something about nightmares and monsters. I've let her curl up beside me for a few of those nights, on other nights I've let her fall asleep and then carried her back to her own bed. I did try at first to take her back to her room, turn on the lights and show her there were no monsters but she was having none of that. It was night-time, she was scared and I wasn't going to talk her out of it. I even tried having a prayer with her but she was just plain scared!

Last night when she showed up--Rob had hit his patience limit so I decided to let her camp out in Jonathon's room. That ended up being a good solution since Jono tells me he's scared on a fairly regular basis since his we moved big sis into her own room. Well, good and bad solution, I guess--because now that they can use the "I'm scared" card to get camping out privileges in each other's rooms it will probably be an every night request--at least for awhile. Then again--if it allows the parents more sleep--who really cares, eh?!  ;)

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