Friday, January 4, 2013


You know your 4 year old is addicted to cartoons when she asks why you don't have a television on your bathroom wall ~ and is serious. Holy cow! I am not sure why she has latched on to cartoons specifically but she likes them better than movies--I mean animated kid movies.

I've got to get her back into a pre-school - or gymnastics or find something she can do during the winter months. Either that or I have to be a RMM=Really Motivated Mommy and come up with lots of activities to take the place of that television so she won't even think about it. It's a battle every day. And it's not like we don't already have a ton of  learning and developmental books and toys. I guess I am just going to have to be more willing to fight the battle.

Any good suggestions from Moms out there who have gone through this or are in the process of going through the same thing would be much appreciated. 

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