Friday, January 25, 2013


The weather was so much better today that I actually told someone it was fairly warm outside and then laughed when I realized I was considering warm to be 36 degrees. It's all relative, I guess. We've been so accustomed to the single digits and even a few nights in the negatives that 36 degrees feels almost balmy!

It was still a little bit icy this morning but by mid-day most of the ice had pretty well melted off the roads and sidewalks--at least where it had been sanded and salted. So, we could get about without breaking our necks!

Grandpa has been sore for a few days. He's got a hip that is bothering him a little more than usual. It seems like every once in a while that flares up. He did seem a little better today, though.

Bedtime was a big deal at our house tonight. I didn't even know it until I put Carly down. She went to bed without her "Wanky". That's what she calls her favorite blanket that she's had since she was a baby. Turns out she had asked Grandma to babysit overnight for her baby doll and she had put the baby doll in a home made crib (home made by Carly) and covered her with her Wanky. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to try sleeping without it-- (selfishly because I don't want to be woken up in the middle of the night with her crying for her Wanky.) She assured me she was fine and that she really wanted her baby to have it to sleep with. WOW! This is huge! Just to check, I asked her if I could throw it away. She was very quick to tell me "No!" on that. Hee hee! Not that I would. It's one of those things I will probably save for her so she can treasure it later.

Well, nothing happening here. Move along folks. Lol! Night all. ;)

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