Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, I think my lesson went pretty decent today. I had a few people come up afterward and tell me they appreciated it and one who even told me it really made her think. That made me feel pretty good. Sundays always seem like a "hurry up" sort of day. It seems by the time we get everyone ready for Church we end up getting there either right on time or a little late. Then we get home and eat a little something, get kids down to nap and start something for dinner if we are smart. If not, we take a nap ourselves and wake up only to find ourselves in another rush to figure out what to fix for dinner. Today was great because I actually had a plan. Mom and I had those pre-made meals in the freezer and I pulled one out yesterday to thaw. Yay me! So, tonight we had chicken enchiladas for dinner--no rush! Ha! I loved it! Then just as we were thinking of something fun for dessert, we had a neighbor drop off some homemade cookies as part of a neighborhood BOO-pass along treat game! Good thing we were making some treats anyway because after someone brings you treats you have to hang the ghost they brought with the treats in your window and send treats and ghosts to two other families! It was a busy, ghostly, treatly night for us! We had chocolate cupcakes with homemade frosting to pass along! Yum!

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