Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SO, SO, SO, SO . . .

Sorry I've been neglecting you. I've had one of those "several day" headaches where I could barely function. It's still not completely gone but it is at least better enough that I can deal with it. I was hurting pretty badly the last few days. We finally went to an insta-care last night. I don't know why it always gets worse at night when the doctor's offices are closed. So frustrating! The little ones were on a rampage tonight. It's kind of like "Toddler Thunder" and they can't hear anyone besides themself or each other -- especially if one of them has something the other one wants. It does no good to try to raise your voice and intervene, but does that stop any of us from trying? Oh no, we do it anyway and simply manage to quadruple the decibel level and sometimes even get ourselves hurt. By the time I put them to bed toinght, my blood pressure was over 450 mph (lol). I went downstairs, opened my parents bedroom door, went inside, leaned against the wall and said; "I know what I want for Christmas. CAMO. Home-colored camo. I want to be able to move about my home freely without them finding me--just for a half hour or so!" :} Ugh! What a day--when did you say the T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E-S end? Someone please make them stop! Lol!

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