Friday, October 7, 2011


It has been a cold few days. I heard a rumor, though, that it is going to warm back up in a few more. I don't know how long the warmth will last but I will take it. This morning I bundled the kids up and took them over to see the new house my brother-in-law in buying. It's empty right now so they had a field day running and playing in an echo chamber. It's a beautiful home--and he feels very blessed to be able to buy it. Certainly the flip side of the whole real estate downturn and depressed market place. It is definitely a buyer's marke out there. We have seen that in our area as "For Sale" signs have gone up and stayed up--and up--and up. Not the time to sell if you want to make money. But then, you know that. :/ I have been going through the classifieds to try to find a larger dresser for the kid's room. It seems a waste to buy a brand new dresser at this stage when they will outgrow it in a couple of years. Anyway, I finally found one tonight and for a great bargain. I spent the night going through kid's clothes they can't wear anymore and rearranging things in their rooms. I will be really glad when I get things in order. Wait--does that ever happen--especially with toddlers?? Don't answer that. Grandma and Grandpa are heading back here tomorrow. I started to say "back home" but then I realized some of you in Indiana would get over excited if I said that. I've actually started calling my house their home. So, sorry if I ever confuse you on that. Lol! Anyway, I expect they will be back here by evening. I'm sure it's been nice to see Sarah and her family but I know they will be absolutely exhausted! I'm glad they can still do the trip, though. I know it means a lot to the kids, especially that they go and watch them play. Well, I'll leave you with just one funny little thing from Carly today. She said, "Mommy, I'm going to draw blood. It' really hard, though." I turned around and looked at her, thinking "What in the world?" only to see her at her chalk board with a piece of chalk in her hand actually trying to "draw" blood on her chalk board. Silly Mommy!

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