Thursday, October 13, 2011


Now that Julie is back in school and has an after school job and Rob is working some long hours again I often feel the effects of TMS (Trapped Mommy Syndrome.) So today when Julie had the day off work and Rob was scheduled to work at a place a long, pretty drive from here, I jumped at the chance to make him take me with him. I mean, I took the opportunity to ride with him on his assignment. Lol! I figured I already had the kids down for their nap and Julie could get her homework done before they woke up. But it turned out even better than that, she didn't have any homework! She still got a few good hours in of "Julie" time before they woke up and I lowered my blood pressure and got out of the house for a nice drive with my hubby. I actually took a little mending with me, some reading and even closed my eyes for a few minutes in the car while he was working--all things that are unheard of around my house when toddlers are running around. Carly has been after me to measure her height for some time. Coming up with a measuring tape at the time she asks is always tricky. She usually asks me in the car or at a store--and what she really wants is for me to stand her against the wall and measure her and mark it with a pencil. I guess she has seen it on one of her cartoons or movies. I'm always multi-tasking so I couldn't tell you which one but Rob could. He told me two or three he'd seen it in. Anyway, I finally measured her today. She didn't even want to know the measurement. She just wanted the experience. She just liked me having her stand there and holding the measuring tape up against her and the wall and marking it. Isn't that funny?! Well, turns out my 3.5 year old is 40.5 inches tall. We weighed her last night, too and she is 39.6 lbs. Right now she is wearing a toddlers size 10.5 shoe. Can you believe that? I am raising a giant! Of course, she will fit right in with her sisters - two of which are really tall. One is 5' 10 1/2" and the other is 5' 11 1/2 ". I was never tall, but I sure had those big feet! Well, not much else going on here. Better get myself to bed. Night.

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