Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm not sure whether I've been in bliss or denial for the last nearly 7 years but I finally surrendered to what is. You see, I have a wonderful set of ovens. When we built our home we got to pick out the appliances. The builder gave us an allowance for each appliance. As is normal the allowance wasn't much more than a pittance for each one appliance. My husband had a really nice double oven in his old house that didn't have a lot of age on it so we decided to go ahead and buy a new oven with the home allowance and switch it out to his old house and bring the double oven to our new home. (GREAT DECISION, BTW!) However, my "new to me" double oven didn't come with a manual so I just started using it. Have I mentioned, I LOVE MY DOUBLE OVENS. To me they were fancy schmancy from the word go! Can't say as I ever thought about it, in fact I just assumed that something this fancy came with it's own maid. I've been baking along nicely for nearly 7 years now and it never occurred to me to clean the thing. I mean, C'MON, who would design a DOUBLE OVEN for an obviously busy person and not think to add a self-cleaning feature? (A man.) Did I say that? Shame on me! You probably wonder why it didn't occur to me for so long to clean them. Go ahead, I"ve been wondering the same thing, too. You may as well, too.(Well, the obvious is that I thought they were cleaning themselves--but WHY did I automatically think that?) I mean, the ovens are this beautiful black color inside. At least it has been since I got it. The color never changed. It never looked dirty. So, who would know it was dirty unless something spilled over and started smoking, right? EXACTLY. Well, that's finally what happened. Something did spill and it smoked. Then it occurred to me. Why isn't this smell going away on it's own. I asked Rob and he told me they weren't self-cleaning ovens. How ludicrous! WHAT!! You mean I'm actually going to have to MANually clean these ovens? (Let's get that MAN over here who designed them and make him clean them! :) Why didn't I know this when I still had enough teenagers at home to divide the job between them? So rude! Not to mention since they were the ones doing most of the baking in them originally they probably could identify the original color when it shows back up! Lol! Seriously though, how deluded must I have been? I have no idea where my brain has been. It simply did not occur to me that my ovens weren't self-cleaning. I have lived with this filthy oven for almost 7 years. (Oh, could you keep this on the down low--I wouldn't want anyone to think I didn't keep a clean kitchen or anything like that. Lol!) Um, I really did think they were BLACK--a really dark, pretty BLACK! So, a couple of nights ago, I came out of my delusions and sprayed my ovens down really well with oven cleaner. I let them sit over night and well into the next evening before I scrubbed them out. I now have the most gorgeous, dark gray ovens you would ever want to lay your eyes on. Silly, silly, silly me! Never again. Tin foil liner here you come!

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