Monday, October 3, 2011


This afternoon my Dad, Carly and I planted spring bulbs. (It took some doing but I talked Grandpa into coming up and out -- and helping me.) You see, I am not AT ALL a gardener. I just love tulips and daffodils and anything spring-like when spring hits. I've just never managed to have the time or energy to get the bulbs planted before. I was supposed to do it last year and Grandpa reminded me but when it was time to do it I had forgotten to buy the bulbs and it was to late to find any. It was so disappointing! This year I remembered the bulbs. This year I thought promised myself I would MAKE the time for buying bulbs and planting them so we could have our spring reward. I am SO HAPPY to say that today we planted them! Thank goodness Dad was here to guide me. I would have just put them willy-nilly in the ground without any thought. You looked at the garden and made a plan and showed us just where to dig and plant. I might have even learned a little something. Maybe even my little 3.5 year old learned a thing or two. (We can hope. Lol!) Because you took the time to help and teach me Dad, when when the garden blooms the flowers will all come up in just the right spots and look amazing. Have I told you people lately that I LOVE MY DAD. Well, I do. Thank you Dad. I know it wasn't easy for you but I am so grateful to you for spending the time to garden with me and to bring beauty to my life and home. YOU ARE THE BEST!

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