Monday, October 10, 2011


Grandpa had a Dr. appt. today with a Hip/shoulder guy. We were hoping he would give him a cortizone shot in his right shoulder and on the hip that's been hurting him. Well, turns out it isn't his hip that's hurting him! Instead it's his sciatic nerve that is giving him so much pain. So, this doc gave him a cortizone shot in his shoulder and a referral to a non-surgical back Dr. who can help him with the sciatic nerve. (I'm not sure whether that is to give him a cortizone shot in the nerve or to do something else--and it's late enough here I can't clarify tonight but I will let you know tomorrow.) Either way, Grandma and Grandpa were very happy with their trip to the new doctor. Tomorrow, I am taking Jono back to his allergist to be retested for some of his allergies and to see how he is doing with his asthma and breathing. I am also going to have some allergy testing done as well. I've been treated for hay fever for years and had all kinds of allergies to pollens but have never nailed down exactly what is going on. I figure it is about time. Tomorrow night, we take Julie to her first College Night. Wow! It is already upon us. Luckily, some of the colleges in the state are coming locally to try to recruit and are even offering scholarships to students with good gpa's and ACT's. So, this is the first of a few openhouses we are likely to attend. Today, I actually made it over to my new gym. Rob got me a membership for my birthday. I only got to go for about 45 minutes but it is so close to my house that it was plenty of time to start my first work out with. Yay! I did moved my body today! Hopefully, it won't feel too bad tomorrow. Night all.

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