Thursday, October 6, 2011


You name it; we have had it all today. It has certainly been a weird weather day. Right now it is just cold and wet! Don't know what it will be by tomorrow morning and not sure I want to find out. Guess, I will though. Hopefully, from indoors in my nice, warm p.j.'s--behind a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Yum! (Um, not that it EVER happens. It just sounds wonderful on a cold morning.) Well, Grandma and Grandpa made it up to Sarah's. Don't know how the kid's games came out but I just hope they didn't get snowed or rained out. Although, I guess with sports games they make them play no matter what. Today was busy but didn't really do anything exciting. I did get to watch a couple of kid's video's over and over and over again. (Eyes rolling) O.K., I exaggerate--but there were at least a couple of "overs" in there. Lol! :)

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