Sunday, October 16, 2011


This morning Julie, the kids and I went to a church goodie swap. By that, I mean, we all took the stuff we would have put in a yard sale or taken to goodwill and put it together and then anyone could take home anything they wanted for free. Unfortunately, and fortunately--we came home with more than we took. My little BIG FOOTED girl was the big winner, though. We cleaned up on cool looking little girl shoes in sizes 10-12. Just the size my 3.5 year old is wearing these days! Yep, serious! We also came home with a whole lotta other stuff but our biggest score was on clothes, shoes and kid's games. The rest of the day was spent shopping, getting haircuts, taking care of kids and recovering. I did get a call late in the day that my Sunday School teacher partner's wife was going into labor so I need to take his place tomorrow. There are actually three of us that switch off but the other one is out of town this week. I wasn't scheduled to teach until next week. Good thing I had started working on my lesson early. Guess we will just switch lesson weeks and I will go ahead and give the one I'd planned. I guess giving a lesson on short notice is a better option than delivering a baby. Yah, I think I'll take the former option. Lol! Night!

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