Monday, February 25, 2013


Rob had to work late tonight and just before he got off my Mom came upstairs and told me she'd heard about a high speed chase on the freeway in SLC. She said it was over now but there had been one. It really surprised me because the closest we ever get to a high speed chase around here is watching Shepherd Smith drool over them when they happen during his show on Fox News.

Rob texted me about twenty minutes later and said he was on his way and I didn't think any more about it until about ten minutes after that when he called back to say he would be quite awhile because the freeway between SLC and here had been shutdown and it would be for the next 8-10 hours due to the clean-up and investigation from the high speed chase. He said traffic was backed up for miles and everyone else was taking the back roads. Luckily, his brother who is a fireman had thought to call and warn him to stay off the freeway. It didn't occur to me to say anything because I heard the chase was over.

Apparently this man was suspected of being a bank robber and the police approached him at his house about twenty minutes south of SLC to talk with him about their suspicions. Before they could talk to him he jumped in his truck and took off. He lead them through SLC and towards our town which is a good hour away from where they started. The police put spike strips down and blew out his tires but he drove on the rims for about twenty or thirty miles with sparks flying until the police got a large armored vehicle to do a pit maneuver on his truck and force him off the road. When they did that he produced a gun and ended up being shot dead.

Wow, nothing like this ever happens around here--and the finale happened right near our exit. It kind of makes me want to break out into singing that song from Cops show . . .  "Bad boys ~ What ya gonna do ~ What ya gonna do when they come for you ~ Bad boys~ Bad boys~!" I lead a terribly boring life. Can you tell?

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