Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Be sure to stand out today so Cupid can find you! If you can't stand out, at least don't play hard to get! Lol! Just thought I'd take a break from my seriousness to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't told the kids tomorrow is Valentine's Day yet. I'm keeping it a surprise. That way they can wake up and have a Valentine Surprise and then we can make some fun Valentine's and Valentine cookies to take to some of their friends. I think they will be really excited! Plus, the bonus is there will be no waiting. When I tell them about their surprise, it will also be time to give them their surprise! We all win! They get it right when they find out about it and I, having chosen to tell them right beforehand can give it to them right then. As opposed to telling them the week before and then having an excited 3 or 5 year old ask me every five or ten minutes for the next week if it is time yet. Nope, that would not be winning for anyone!

But, I digress. Lol. We had a knock and run Valentine Cupid today who left yummy pink iced sugar cookies on our doorstep. The kids LOVED that. Jono especially who had just been whining because there were no cookies in the house. I'm pretty sure he thought it was magic! Hahaha! It was so nice of whomever thought of us an was so sweet! Thank you so much! We sure are enjoying them!

Well, hope all of you have a terrific Valentines Day! Take care and much love to all.

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