Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Carly and Jono had a friend over all morning to play. Actually, she stayed till almost 3 because her mommy wasn't feeling good. By the time I ran her home, this mommy was feeling sick. I am hoping it is only a 24 hour bug. I got really nauseous and got a bad headache. I put the kids down for nap and slept for a few hours. Then I remembered I had to take Carly's hair out of braids before tomorrow and had to get up and do that. I was feeling a little better when I got up but not completely. Carly has a hair appt. tomorrow so I really hope I feel good enough to keep it.

Grandma had a hair appt. yesterday. She went and got a perm and haircut. I think she was less than thrilled though--so, sorry people no pictures. Lol. Grandpa has had more pain the last couple of weeks than he usually has. Maybe it's the weather. Not really sure what is causing it but hopefully he will start feeling better soon.

I was going to write something longer tonight but am lucky to get this on here with the way I'm feeling. Hopefully~more tomorrow. Night all.

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