Friday, February 22, 2013


Well, we got about two inches of that pretty, white, powdery stuff last night. It really wasn't too bad, though. It was the heavy stuff but it began melting by late morning and what didn't melt we could push off with the snow shovel fairly easily. We still supposedly have 3-6 inches coming sometime before Sunday mid-day. I'm going to stop complaining though. It really hasn't been that bad and we do need the moisture.

We had an interesting day today. Late afternoon on Thursday I got word that there was a big photo-shoot in SLC that needed some African American children. So, I checked into it and they let me know they liked the pictures I sent but had enough kids by the time I sent them. But at 8:20 this morning we got a call that they had some cancellations and could we please bring our kids. So, we got the kids ready and got them there for the shoot. They had fun.

I've let the kids do a few things like this. They enjoy it and usually get to meet other kids and play a little bit. Today they met about ten other kids their age that looked kinda-sorta like them. It only took about an hour and a half and afterwards we went to lunch. They loved that! Anytime we can go to a restaurant they are happy campers. Lol!

Grandma and Grandpa both got out today, too, even with the snow. I am always glad when Dad can get out of the house even if it's just for a short errand or to ride along with Mom somewhere.

Well, I better end for now. Rob is getting up early to play basketball in the morning and I don't want to keep him up too late. TaTa for now. ;)

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