Sunday, February 3, 2013


Yes, I'm alive! Sorry for the break. It was very long week and I found it difficult to find time to get on the computer or blog. Rob was out of town for work and we had three--count them--THREE bad snow storms that left major snow! I have gotten past the whining. We actually need the moisture and I also needed the exercise. It was just hard to spend the time it took to shovel and chase my three year old along with all the other things I needed to accomplish. He is one of those three year old's who is perfect for his father and loves to challenge his mother--just because he can. It was a doozy of a week! People always warned me the "threes" were worse than the "twos" and I had a hard time believing it. Well, I am now a believer! Luckily, I have evidence the fours get better. Yay!

We had a little SuperBowl party tonight. Well, I guess the guys had a SuperBowl party I had a SuperBowl Commercials party! The best part was the food we made. After that, the commercials and then, the game. At least in my book. We really went overboard on the food. Grandma made some yummy Lime bars. They were like mini-Key Lime pie bars--so good! She also made a really good jello and some Queso, Cheese Stix and some Caramel corn. I made Hot wings, stuffed mushrooms, mini-bbq sausages, Franks BBQ Hot-Wing Dip and my brother-in-law brought an Almond poppy-seed cake. Am I making you hungry?! Yah, we had a feast! You know, I think it's the first feast I've ever been involved in creating that had no chocolate. I don't know what's wrong with me. One thing is for certain--it's totally unlike me and it won't happen again.

I've been dieting for weeks now and planned to take a break today. I got on the scales this morning and had reached my goal weight. I think I will find I have a few pounds still to go when I get on them tomorrow. Lol! Hahaha!

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