Friday, February 15, 2013


Oh my, it's been a busy and long day! I got some cute pictures which I will try to post on Sunday or Monday. Megan sent me a couple she took so I am going to put those below. Carly just looks so big to me! Maybe it's because I'm with her everyday but it seems like she looks older than five to me.

Anyway, Carly and Jono started out with a playdate this morning, then Rob and I took them to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch, then we had a dinner and birthday party at our house with sisters, cousins and Grandma and Grandpa--and we stayed up much too late, of course. It was fun but we are all tired out! And--we get to do it again tomorrow! Carly wanted a surprise party--so, I am surprising her with a little birthday party with her friends. They are coming at 1:00 and so I still have to get games and things ready for that. Thankfully, I have a little help! I love help!

Carly's big sisters came to surprise her today--which she LOVED! They are going to help me with the party tomorrow. She is going to love it--we have a "Hello Kitty" theme, it's her favorite! I mean, we have Hello Kitty cupcakes, napkins, plates, tablecloth, cups, plates -- you name it -- pretty sure we got it! Lol!

Carly loved the gifts she got but she also loved getting mail! She got some awesome mail from her Great Aunt Sally and Uncle Seth who were with us when she was born! She loved their card and pictures! She also got a card from her other Grandma! Thanks for sending cards! She was really excited to get them!

Well, here's a look at our birthday girl. I just love her to pieces!

After opening gifts

Modeling her new dress

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