Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 We've had a warm/cold thing going on here the past few days. It warms up just enough to melt the snow a bit then gets cold enough to freeze what's melted into ice and make it dangerous to walk around. You guessed it. We've been falling for it . . . the ice that is. Mom fell this morning on our sidewalk on her way back in from her doctor appointment--she was just having some labs done. (Don't you think if you were going to fall it would be a whole lot better to do it on the way to the doctor appointment, instead of on the way back? It's kind of seems like poor timing to do it after you get back. Just sayin'. Lol!)

The only reason I dare be cutesy about it is that she is okay. She fell on her hip/side and came down on her elbow and hit her head really lightly. It scared me really bad when she came in and told me. I wanted to take her back to the doctor but she promised me that the thing she hit the hardest was her elbow and it wasn't showing a bruise yet. I am keeping my eye on her though!

We keep a bucket of salt out by the sidewalk and porch and have really tried to keep the driveway and all of that clear but this weather has been so weird it caught us off guard. We haven't had any snow the last few days but there is so much (probably a foot or so) on the roof that is melting off and causing problems. Mom put salt down on the ice patch after she got up and when Rob came home he did again-- and it had all melted off by the time Carly and I went shopping later. When we came home I noticed it was ice again. I tried to manuever around it and fell myself in the very same spot! It is just nasty! I hurt my hand a little and my pride a lot. Carly just skated by me, though. She's so light she was able to slide on it without falling. Anyway, I think we will all be going in and out of the garage for awhile as it seems a whole lot safer.

Well, I will leave you with a chuckle from my day. Jonathon has become one huge chatterbox! His lips are in constant motion and as cute as he is there are definite moments where it works the nerves. Tonight at dinner Rob and I were trying to have a conversation and he kept interrupting. Rob looked over to ask him once more to be quiet and apparently noticed Jono was chewing and chattering at the same time. I was looking down but the next thing I heard was "Jonathon, don't talk with your mouth full, and please keep your mouth full!" Hahahaha! Have a nice evening everyone!

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