Thursday, February 21, 2013


Good Golly! Just when I thought Spring was about to peek around the corner I woke up to more snow this morning! And, we have been under threat of it all day long. In fact, it dared to snow lightly on me when I was out running errands today. I guess it didn't understand how crabby I've gotten about the little white stuff! Which, I have to say, is unlike me. I do usually enjoy it but after having to huck about three tons of it by myself in 72 hours one week I guess I got enough cuz I am fed up to ~ well, you get the picture! Lol! I am ready for TULIPS! Oh and I planted a bunch of them this year!

I LOVE TULIPS! I used to be a rose girl but now I am a Tulip chick! I think they are the best! I bought lots of springy colors and Carly and I went out and planted them a few weeks before it turned cold. Now we are counting the days until they hatch! I just can't wait until they peek their little heads through the bluck of winter and brighten up our world!

Well, it's been a cold and dreary day but it's brighter now that I've thought about my pretty tulips preparing themselves to blossom in the spring. Hope you have a colorful day tomorrow. ;)

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