Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm a little late with this but technically I am making it just under the wire. February is Black History Month and one of my favorite American Olympians is Jesse Owens. His story is a triumph of, not only American Spirit, but of the human spirit and came at a time when I believe the Lord used Jesse Owens and some of his teammates to teach an important lesson to a despicable despot as the rest of the world watched.

A big deal was made of the fact that Hitler left the stadium when Jesse won and didn't shake his hand. However, when Jesse returned home to the U.S. he received some accolades but was not invited to the Whitehouse to shake the President's hand either, as the white athletes were. In 1936 we still had quite a way to go - we still do. Hopefully, one day in the not too distant future we will get there.

Here is Jesse's story:

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