Sunday, December 4, 2011


We went to Church today. I was supposed to teach Sunday School. Just as Sacrament meeting ended the Bishopric made an announcement that they were canceling the rest of the church meetings due to the bad wind storm that was coming in. All the men were asked to report back to the church in work clothes so they could help make preparations in the area where needed. This storm isn't supposed to be as strong as the last one--with winds coming at only 40 to 58 mph this time. The main problem this time is that there is downed debris from the last storm, i.e. trees, limbs, fences and all kinds of things that were torn up and torn off of homes and buildings. This loose debris could be really dangerous flying around in this wind if not cleaned up. So, they closed churches all over this area and formed clean up crews to take care of much of the debris. Hopefully, that will help keep people and property safe. We are really praying this windstorm will either pass us by or be really mild. There was so much damage in this area with the last storm that people are still trying to recover. Our storm warning is in effect until 11:00 a.m. Say a few prayers for all of us out here. We need them! :/

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