Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Mom is still doing really well. She's feeling even better today. She is still in bed but is fairly perky. She is not in a lot of pain and has been able to ease off the pain meds. The doc still has her on some other meds to assist with things but at least she can be done with those. Sarah stayed and helped out until late afternoon and Susan came around 6:00 tonight to help. My sister's have been terrific to be here and do what they can. Susan is staying until tomorrow and then Julie and I will take over. We are hoping by Saturday Grandma will feel good enough to celebrate her birthday. Grandpa went to see the Physical Therapist again today. She roughed him up pretty good (lol) but he signed up to go back for more tomorrow. He's always been a glutton for punishment! He is hanging in there. His muscles feel a bit weak this week. Hopefully, they will start to strengthen back up soon. We are supposed to get snow in here in the next little bit. That would be great. Then Santa can have something to glide those reindeer in on, eh? Lol! Well, hope you are all ready for Christmas. We sure aren't! Better run and wrap some presents! Lol! Night all.

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