Thursday, December 29, 2011


I can't believe I forgot to tell you the biggest news of yesterday! Jono insisted on getting on the toilet and he actually went! Yep! He did it all by himself! He was so proud of himself. Mommy was pretty proud of him, too! I couldn't believe he did it. Just out of no where he wanted to go and sit--so, I let him and he did it! Now, if I can just motivate him to keep it up! Gee, what would a world be like with no more diapers?! Heaven, I think! I have an appointment in the morning to see the gastrointerologist who did my EGD a month or so ago. This was the first appointment day they could fit me in. Anyway, all they found was that my throat was swollen so hopefully they can fill me in on some more details or ideas of what is causing it to do that. We have such a family history of it that I would really like to find a cause and cure. The idea of having my throat stretched till I am ninety is not at all attractive to me. Hopefully, they have some new ideas on the subject. Grandma is doing alright but is still feeling pretty tired. Grandpa's physical therapy is wearing him out so if he wasn't tired already he is getting that way during his workout. Other than that, we are all doing pretty well. It got up around 50 degrees here today. I went to the store and didn't even need my coat. Pretty unbelievable for the end of December. Hopefully, we won't have too much freezing weather here this Winter. Well, better sign off now and get some sleep. Have a wonderful tomorrow. :)

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