Saturday, December 10, 2011


Rob and his brother Steve cut wood this morning left over from the storm we had last week. We had a lot of logs from the trees that were downed that needed to be cut up. Now we have a great stock of wood for our summer campfires. Rob and I went double dated tonight with Steve and his girlfriend. We went out to eat and then played miniature golf and lazer tag. We had a really good time. I think I mentioned that Carly got her hair braided the other night. I've included a picture of the girls who braided it. Dibabe(Dee-bobby) the one on the right did most of the braiding and then her sister Chaltu(Shall-too)helped put in the extensions. They are both in high school and were adopted from Ethiopia. They are really cute girls and are amazingly fast at braiding.
Well, nothing else exciting going on here. I will write more tomorrow. Night all.

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