Thursday, December 15, 2011


I had my neighbor's kids this morning along with mine so I've been a bit behind all day long. Not that I've accomplished all that much as it is. My two-year old is on a constant rampage these days. My almost four year old is actually starting to settle down a bit and seem more like a little girl than a toddler. It's kind of strange to think she's not a baby anymore. She has such a grown up vocabulary. I was able to make an appointment for Dad to start physical therapy on his hip area for Monday. The Dr. is hoping the PT will help him with the pain and wants to try that before trying a cortizone shot. Hopefully it will do some good. It would be really nice if he could lower his pain level. We have been trying to get things ready for Christmas. The tree is up. The train train track and train are set up around it and the train is filled with candy. (Keeping Jonathon out of it is a real trick--even with a fence around it. Lol!) The kids get to have two pieces of candy a night before bed but he thinks he should have a handful whenever he feels like it. Now if we can just manage to find the time to buy some gifts! Yikes! P.S. Carly has been wanting a little play kitchen. I told her to ask Santa for one. She told me she couldn't because he wouldn't have room for it. I said, "Of course, he will! What makes you say that?" She said, "All he has are those little bags." Pretty funny. I set her straight and told her he had a great big sleigh he could bring it on. Crazy kid!

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