Sunday, December 25, 2011


Why is it I am always here at 2:30 in the morning lately. Must be Christmas time. We just put out the presents and filled the stockings, er, I mean we just watched a little fat man in red do it. Lol! Wow. I'm exhausted! Who new it took so much energy to play St. Nick. Oh, you guys did. Why didn't you say something?! We had a really great day celebrating Mom's birthday. My sister's and their family's came and we all went to lunch and then came back to the house and had cake and ice cream and opened gifts. Then we just hung out and enjoyed each other's cocmpany for a few hours ~ something we almost never get to do. We have a very nice family. Tonight before we went to bed we got to hear my Dad read "Twas the Night Before Christmas." This year my parents gave each of us the Hallmark recordable books with Dad reading it. Such a great gift. I played it for my kids and I sobbed all the way through it. I wasn't expecting to. I was just so grateful to have him reading to me. Last year he didn't feel up to reading and it was the first year in our lives he couldn't read to us. The other thing that struck me was how much he sounded like his Dad, my Grandpa. I'd never noticed it before. Combine those two things and I was a puddle of tears. Thanks Dad, thanks Mom. I love you. Well, I gotta get some sleep before I have two munchkins jumpin' all over me because Santa Claus showed up! I just know they are going to have to peel my eyes open in the morning because I am going to be so sound asleep. Hope you are getting more sleep than I have lately. Merry Christmas to all ~ And to all a good night!

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